Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Romp in Cactus Rouge

I know I've already professed my undying love for Trashy Diva but their summer collection has pushed me into full blown adoration bordering on blasphemy.

Getting dressed in the summer is a completely different beast for me. I'm free from nylons, cardigans, and boots, but it's always 80 degrees in my closet so I have little patience for anything that requires too much steaming or coordination. The only things I want to wear are cotton and rayon. 

A nice saturated color always wins me over as well. 

Enter Cactus Rouge, particularly the Hepburn Romper. That's right, I said romper. It's a polarizing item of clothing that illicits a lot of strong feelings--you either love them or you hate them, and if you hate them, it's probably because you fell victim to the dreaded romper wedgie.

This summertime wonder is a triumph when it comes to both cut and comfort. I love the way the bodice is fitted with a cross over bust, gathered sleeves, and a classic top stitched waist. It's pretty but still modest.

Then, from the waist down, it's comfy as hell with no threat of romper wedgie. The shorts are free and flowy, and with the most important design feature known to the modern woman: pockets! The Hepburn Romper is a hybrid in the sense that it unites femininity with functionality. Yes, I want to look pretty, but I also want to get shit done. Rosie the Riveter would've been all over this.

That's probably why I unconsciously chose to pair this ensemble with an easy updo and turquoise scarf, channeling my inner Rosie. There's no chance I'm blow drying my hair in this heat. So, the whole barrel roll, sponge bun, hair scarf is my go to when I just cant be bothered but still want a vintage look.

Another one of my favorite outfit options these days is my B.a.i.t. Idas. I have these in a few different colors now and they're the greatest. Cute, comfortable, and relatively inexpensive when you catch a Modcloth sale.

And having a white purse with a long strap has made getting ready a million times easier. I hate having to switch bags so I always try to find a nice white one to go with my summer frocks, but long straps are hard to come by on vintage bags, which is silly. In the 50s and 60s, women apparently didn't need both hands free to text and sip iced coffee. Welcome to vintage girl problems. Woe is me. Thankfully, I found this unicorn at Material Objects when I was vacationing in Maine. 

So, there you have it. The oft-misunderstood, frequently ill-fitting, enigmatic romper can live up to its potential if it's well constructed (Thanks, Candice!) and paired with accessories that complement its beauty. 

One such accessory is the ever-fashionable and wonderful Victor Prizzio

He was kind enough to do some documenting of this gem last week while romping around Boston (see what I did there?)

Because what's the point of wearing a garment that takes its name from the verb meaning "to play energetically" if you don't intend to just that? 

Outfit Details
Cactus Rouge Hepburn Romper - Trashy Diva
White Wicker Purse - Material Objects
Red Ida Shoes - B.a.i.t. 
Scarf, Sunglasses, and Earrings - Vintage

**Don't miss Tayla and I, aka Silhouette Vintage, at the Somerville Flea this summer. We'll be there next August 9th and 23rd.**

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Peachy Pink Perfect Wedding by Vintage Vixen

I was invited to a wedding! 
Meet my date, Miss Jacqueline Hegner. Jackie has been a best friend of mine for a long time. We often get asked if we are sisters, tho she already has a beautiful older sister whom she very much resembles! As it goes with long term friends, I feel pretty integrated into Jackie's family. 
On July 3rd, 2016, her cousin Jamie (who has infamous backyard BBQ's that I have been privy to), married his sweetheart, Melissa, and I was honored to attend!

The wedding was at Spinelli's in East Boston and was a beautiful intimate setting. I didn't even realize I got the bride in the background of this shot of their beautiful table!

Jamie and Melissa have been together for 25 years!  There were plenty of jokes referring to why it took them so long to finally get hitched, as you can see by their card box. They decided to go to Disney World for their honeymoon, and our table was even decorated with Mickey Mouse goodie bags as favors.

Here you can see the bridal party in all their glory. The groomsmen and bridesmaids were wearing gray and white, accented with pops of pink roses!

The beautiful cake! (It was delicious.)

Cake cutting!

And here we see members of the Hegner family in their natural habitat, doing the macarena on the dance floor with the other guests!

On to outfit details!

For this event I wore my most favorite vintage dress, ever! Let me assure you, that is saying a lot. I purchased this dress from Pursuing Andie on etsy, and Andie was a peach to buy from! If you'd like to see sneak peeks of vintage before they hit her shop, check out her instagram here. This dress also went thru quite a makeover since I got it. . . 

(image from Pursing Andie Etsy)

Once upon a time it looked like that! I know what your thinking, what is that mess of an uneven, mis-matched, pink ruffle at the bottom?! I said the same thing, which is why it had to go. This dress was definitely homemade, and needed many seams reinforced. My guess is that whoever made this realized too late that it was cut too short, and added the bottom piece last minute. Luckily for me, I saw the potential hiding without that silly ruffle. Once that was gone the skirt hit me right above the knee, which is perfect !

This dress fits me like an absolute dream, like it was made for me. It's a nice soft cotton which means that the sleeves wouldn't be too hot for a summer night. I accented with my signature pearl accessories, a flower in my hair, and made sure I had my hair curled as high as humanly possible.

I also really loved how my makeup turned out. Here I used shadows from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for my eyes, Too Faced Bulletproof Brows in universal taupe on my brows, Sephora Blush in fuchsia flushed on my cheeks, and a mix of both Mac Impassoned and Please Me on my lips.

I even matched my nails to this beautiful peachy pink print! This floral print is clearly the best thing about this dress. I'm not usually attracted to pink hues, as I feel they wash me out against my light hair and skin tone, but this print was too good to pass up on!

I wore my Pin Up Couture Bettie heels to complete this look. These have an adorable bow at the toe, a wrap around ankle strap, and are fairly comfortable for a 4 and 1/2in heel. These come in a few other colors, and are sold on Pinup Girl Clothing, but I found these on ebay for a little cheaper!

(Image from Jamie's Facebook)

Congratulations to Jamie and Melissa! Cheers to 25 more years, and thank you for having me as a guest on your special day!

Outfit details
50's Floral Dress - Pursing Andie Etsy
Shoes - Pinup Couture Bettie Heels
Makeup - Done by me
Hair - Done by Donna at Joyce's Salon in Everett

Monday, July 6, 2015

Red, White, and Blue

For the 4th of July, I opted for my turquoise check seersucker dress from Eshakti. 

I love this dress because it's super light, fits me well, and has pockets.

eShakti is one of those brands I always heard about but only tried out recently. They pride themselves on affordable, stylish, and customizable clothing for women. They have some great coupons for first-time customers ($35 off +20% off mobile coupon) and quite a few of their dresses are vintage-inspired. So, a few months back, I ordered my first eShakti dress and I've gotten a ton of wear out her since.

And to make this look a little more 'merican, I paired this dress with red and blue accessories like my 60's enamel flower pin and matching earrings.

These, I believe, were a gift from my mom. I don't do too much jewelry these days but this set is perfect for the 4th.

And a little extra pop of color with my red Chelsea crew sandals that I was lucky enough to find at Goodwill in Davis a few weeks back. 

Hello all! Hope you had a lovely 4th of July. Sara and I both decided to wear our dresses from eShakti for this patriotic day. I was invited to a cookout where the hostess knew how to decorate, with flags, pinwheels, and red white and blue everywhere!

This being my only purchase from eShakti so far, I have to say I am very pleased. This dress is constructed really well and is so flattering and comfortable. I ordered this in a standard size, but the great thing about this company is the custom measurement option! They even send you a pink measuring tape with every purchase to figure out your measurements, which I thought was a cute touch.

With this dress I decided to wear my favorite white floppy hat. This hat is from the San Diego Hat Company and I have been loving it all summer. The brim is wired so it isn't too floppy, and it's large enough to make a statement without being too much. I need one in every color!

The back of this dress is also beautiful. I love how they squared it off and it has plenty of ruching so it stretches right where I need it to! With a sweetheart neckline and bra snaps you can't beat it!

Oh, and the absolute best feature of this dress? POCKETS! Girls love dresses with pockets, and I was giddy to find the hidden side pockets on this dress.

This was the amazing buffet of patriotic deserts I was privileged enough to enjoy for the cookout, and everything was delicious. We hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Sara's Outfit Details
Turquoise Check Seersucker Dress - eShakti 
60s Enamel Pin and Earrings - gift from mom
Red T-Strap Sandals - Chelsea Crew 

Tayla's Outfit Details
Striped Dress - eShakti
White sandals - Savers

Monday, June 22, 2015

Vintage in Vogue by Vintage Vixen

Vintage in Vogue is a hidden gem on Cape Cod in Orleans. I am lucky enough to have an aunt with a beautiful summer home here, and never even realized the most amazing vintage shop was right in town! While this may be a bit of a hike for anyone not on the cape, this shop is what vintage dreams are made of.

I was literally in awe while walking around this shop. I have seen many a vintage store, but this one is just too good! Racks are all organized by date, jewels all tucked away in cases, and hats upon hats on display!

This lovely shop's owner is Maureen Leavensworth, and in addition to her thirty years of collecting vintage, she is also a wonderful artist! Check out some of her paintings here.

Hats AND furs?! Thank goodness I have been keeping my vintage budget to a minimum, or I would have lost it in here!

Maureen was nice enough to open up the Bridal section of her store for me, just a few steps from the Vintage in Vogue back door. As a lover of vintage bridal gowns, this was really amazing for me to be able to look thru these gorgeous dresses. If you are looking to be a vintage bride, you must make a stop here!

Gorgeous headpieces with lace and rhinestone details.

  In addition to the authentic vintage gowns, Vintage in Vogue also has a lovely selection of modern dresses with vintage styling.


Meeting Maureen and visiting both of her shops was amazing! I always look forward to a vacation down the cape, but now I have another reason to go and make sure I always visit this wonderful shop!