Sunday, November 1, 2015

On to a new blog!

I have enjoyed blogging so much with Sara that I decided to set up an account of my own! Come find me over at Memoirs of a Vintage Vixen to find out all about my amazing halloween costume!  

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Brimfield Antique Show!

The Brimfield Antique show is the most amazing antique show, flea market, and yard sale rolled into one! It takes place in May, July, and September every year in western Massachusetts. An excerpt from their website describes it best.

"The Brimfield Antiques Show began in the 1950's and has become the largest and best-known outdoor antiques show in the country. Running along Rt. 20 for a distance of perhaps a half-mile on each side of the highway, the Brimfield Show is a huge, vast undertaking. Filled with thousands of dealers over the course of the week, selling everything from the finest antiques to 'yard junk', it requires a day or two to see everything there is to see. Food courts and rest facilities abound, the Shows are filled with hidden treasures and is a safe and fun environment for everyone."

I sadly haven't been to the show in a few years, so I was very excited to go to their last show in September. The weather on Friday and Saturday was absolutely perfect, and this was great way to cap off the end of the summer. The greatest thing about Brimfield is the variety of items you can find, I tried to photograph not only items that I like, but the random oddities as well!

The first stop on my Brimfield journey was the giant fashion tent. There are many vendors who have vintage clothing throughout the show, but this is always the best place to start!

Under this tent are so many vendors selling clothes that it was almost overwhelming, but I accepted it as a heavenly challenge! I found 2 amazing skirt and jacket sets, as well as a few other dresses for myself and more to resell!

It's hard to explain just how massive the show is, so I made sure to get plenty of photos to try and show the range of items you can find.

I stopped at this booth and bought some of the beautiful dresses you see hanging in the background. Keep an eye on our etsy page to see which ones will be for sale!

This dress was absolutely stunning. Sheer on top with floral embroidery and a big beautiful full skirt! Sadly just a bit too small for me, but I needed to show how gorgeous this piece was.

Button, button, who's got the button?! There was a whole tent filled with vintage buttons. I really wished that I brought some of my vintage dresses with me that need buttons replaced!

The Brimfield Antique show is a really incredible experience. If you're someone like me, the thrill of hunting down your new favorite vintage items should certainly be enough to lure you out to this awesome event.


I only purchased a few knick-knacks this time around. I found a beautiful gold mirror compact with flowers, a painted metal mermaid figurine, a Napco April birthday angel, and last but not least, the adorable ladder earring holder! That kitty on top of the ladder sealed it's fate of coming home with me, and after a cleaning and a few pairs of earrings added it looks just precious.

On the last day I also found this corner etagere shelf! I have been wanting one of these forever. I normally go for the ones that are a little more detailed with spindals and carved wood, but this will do for now! It certainly helped to clean up my Alice in Wonderland collection very nicely. And since most vendors will do deep discounts on the last day of the show, I got this piece for only $35!

These are some photos of what I found at the past two shows! I'm realizing now that Brimfield started my collection of hand mirrors and lighters.

Outfit Details

My last day at Brimfield was a hot one! So I jumped at my last chance to wear a pretty summer dress. 

This floral stunner was purchased at Bobby from Boston's vintage warehouse in Lynn, the very first blog that I posted with Sara back in May! The pink, yellow, and orange flowers are my favorite. It even has a little bow right at the bust line.

And of course, any chance to wear my favorite summer hat. I still love how massive it is! I got so many compliments on it while walking around the show.

I took a yellow belt from another dress and tied it in a bow at the back. Paired with my neon pink sperry flats I was so comfortable and it was the perfect outfit for walking all over the show.

My Brimfield trip was such a success, I can not wait to see what next year's fair will bring! Stay tuned for my next blog all about my favorite fall activity, apple picking!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sturbridge Antique Shops

This past weekend I was visiting a friend in western Mass, and while I didn't get to visit Old Sturbridge Village, I did get to pop in the Sturbridge Antique Shops!

Inside the first floor has a ton of collectibles as well as some furniture. This shop is divided up by a couple of different rooms as well as a downstairs.

I found a little accessory corner filled with hats, bags, buttons, and fabric! There was a ton of vintage fabric all over this shop, so if you're looking to sew, you may need to visit. I bought this pink hat. It was only $8 and completely matched my outfit, so I had to. . . right?

Major vintage rhinestone bling!

The downstairs of this shop had two spots for vintage clothing which I was ecstatic to find. There were lots of furs and jackets as well dresses and hats and accessories. I found a great dress and jacket set, keep scrolling to see!

Lookit that little owl! This booth was covered in adorable knick knacks.

Antique pink tufted couch? Yes please!

This shop is a bit more refined than most antique shops that I frequent. There are tons of glass displays with collectibles completely organized inside. If you are looking for a specific antique piece, it may just be lying in one of their many display cases.

But like any antique store, there's always a few quirky pieces mixed in with the valuables. This Nutty Mad Indian was quite a character.

I'm so glad I got to visit this shop before The New England Shake Up in a few weeks, as I'm sure this place will be filled with visitors looking for vintage goodies!

* * *

Outfit Details

Once in a very rare while, you can find an  80's-does-50's number that's almost better than the real thing, and this is one of those outfits!

This is a two piece set from Adele Simpson, and while this designer has been around since the 1940's, this is an 80's piece. After a trip to the seamstress to remove the big poofy sleeves and bring up the hemline, she now looks like 50's perfection!

Besides the gorgeous pink color combo, the perfect collar, and the buttons down the front of this top, my absolute favorite thing is the skirt. I love how the stripes come to a point in the front, almost chevron-like, and if you look at the back. . . .

It matches the top by going back to straight lines!

To match completely, I wore my pink Bait footwear Beatrice shoes. These T strapped peep toed heels are a perfect combination of vintage aesthetic with modern comfort, and they also come in lilac and yellow!

The best thing about this ensemble is that it's a two piece set. While it looks fabulous as a dress, I can't wait to break up the pieces and see what other outfit combinations I can come up with!

I must give a shout out to Salon Beau for this great hairstyle. While my color was a little lighter than usual, we decided to change up my curls for a softer look.

This hairstyle was inspired by one of Pin Up Doll Ashley Marie's YouTube videos. Instead of using my curlers we tried a faux pin curl method using a curling iron and I was very happy with the results!

My other purchase of the day was this black dress and jacket set. It fit me perfectly and the detailing on the jacket was simple but beautiful. The peplum and bow on the collar are my favorite, and for $23 it was such a steal! A great addition to my fall and winter wardrobe.

That's all for now! A little under a month from now will be the Brimfield Antique Show and while I haven't been in a few years, I am definitely due for a trip, as it's one of the greatest and largest antique shows around! If I do make it out, you best believe there will be a full review on the blog asap!

**Don't forget to visit Sara and I with our shop Silhouette Vintage this Sunday 8/23 at the Somerville Flea Market!**

Top and Skirt set by Adele Simpson - Savers 
Belt - Pinup Girl Clothing
Canvas Petticoat - Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes - Bait Footwear
Hair - Sean from Salon Beau