Monday, June 22, 2015

Vintage in Vogue by Vintage Vixen

Vintage in Vogue is a hidden gem on Cape Cod in Orleans. I am lucky enough to have an aunt with a beautiful summer home here, and never even realized the most amazing vintage shop was right in town! While this may be a bit of a hike for anyone not on the cape, this shop is what vintage dreams are made of.

I was literally in awe while walking around this shop. I have seen many a vintage store, but this one is just too good! Racks are all organized by date, jewels all tucked away in cases, and hats upon hats on display!

This lovely shop's owner is Maureen Leavensworth, and in addition to her thirty years of collecting vintage, she is also a wonderful artist! Check out some of her paintings here.

Hats AND furs?! Thank goodness I have been keeping my vintage budget to a minimum, or I would have lost it in here!

Maureen was nice enough to open up the Bridal section of her store for me, just a few steps from the Vintage in Vogue back door. As a lover of vintage bridal gowns, this was really amazing for me to be able to look thru these gorgeous dresses. If you are looking to be a vintage bride, you must make a stop here!

Gorgeous headpieces with lace and rhinestone details.

  In addition to the authentic vintage gowns, Vintage in Vogue also has a lovely selection of modern dresses with vintage styling.


Meeting Maureen and visiting both of her shops was amazing! I always look forward to a vacation down the cape, but now I have another reason to go and make sure I always visit this wonderful shop!

The Vintage Bazaar by Vintage Vixen

The Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm in Salisbury is one of my favorite annual summer flea markets. Over the past few years of attending, and being a vendor myself last year, I have met so many wonderful people and acquired some great vintage pieces. They also have shows in September and November if you missed out on going this past weekend. Continue reading to meet some of my favorite vendors!

Mayra's House of Findings was the first booth I ever walked into at the Bazaar a few years ago. She has a beautiful tent when you first enter, and her eclectic taste and style pulled me right in. This year her booth was covered in butterflies, and in my opinion, she is the star of the Vintage Bazaar. 
The House of Findings is Mayra's combination of vintage, emerging designers,  contemporary, recycled and upcycled designs. She not only does pop up shops all over the Boston area, but fashion shows as well! She and her husband Biorn have been such lovely friends to me over the past few years, and whenever she has some plus size 50's vintage she always gives me the first scoop! It is always lovely seeing Mayra while I'm out and about on the hunt for vintage!

Another lovely vendor I met at this show was the owner of Foxburrow Vintage out of Nashua, NH. She sold me the loveliest little plaid dress that you ever did see, and I can't wait for fall to wear it! As you can see from the two photos below she had a ton of vintage clothing, as well as baby clothes!, and a great collection of vintage shoes and accessories. Check out her etsy for even more goodies.

Another lovely booth with shabby chic goodies!

On to another favorite vendor of mine, Miss Carol from dysFUNKtional vintage! Carol and Jenn had a booth across from me when I vended last year, and I ended up buying things from them when I was trying to sell! I acquired two beautiful vintage skirts from then, and this year I walked out with the most gorgeous black and white gingham dress. Carol is another awesome vendor who will hoard plus size vintage for me, and as you can see from the two photos below, dysFUNKtional Vintage has everything a vintage loving gal could want!
Carol has an etsy, as well as hosting private shopping parties at her showroom in Lawrence. Contact her at 617-719-3328 to set up an appointment anytime!

Home furnishings galore!

Talk about vintage accessory heaven! This booth from The Traveling Gypsy was filled with hats, jewelry, bags, and a bin filled with vintage clothes! I was lucky enough to snag a vintage dress for $5 out of said bin. I tried on hats forever but didn't really find one to suit me, so sad considering how much I have been loving hats lately!

On to my outfit details! For the Vintage Bazaar I felt like I looked like I was going on a glam safari, and I was totally okay with that! I knew it was going to be hot and sunny, so what better than a halter dress and hat? 

I found this hat while on vacation in Las Vegas last March. Before I even left for my trip I said my goal was to find a hat, and so glad I did! This hat is from Sun N' Sand, and matches pretty perfect with my wardrobe. You can't go wrong with classic black and white.

This dress is the Kiki dress from Hell Bunny, and while it's not my favorite brand, it is good for the price point. I actually found this second hand while thrifting (of course!). The tropical flowers and leaves print is gorgeous, and with buttons all the way down the front it helps make this dress just darling.

This black and white ensemble was finished off with a good red lip. This is Red Velvet from LimeCrime cosmetics, and although the brand has a pretty bad reputation, I still like this product. Aside from the occasional over drying that a liquid to matte lipstick can sometimes provide, it lasts all day and gets me tons of compliments!

Visiting The Vintage Bazaar was so wonderful. Finding vintage dresses, reminiscing with vendors, and spending the day surrounded by vintage treasures was more than I could ask for!

Outfit Details
Dress - Kiki dress from Hell Bunny
Belt - Pinup Girl Clothing
Hat - Sun N' Sand
Sandals - Ralph Lauren

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday at the Somerville Flea

Ah, the Somerville Flea, one of my absolute favorite places to frequent on a Sunday. We just so happened to be experiencing one of those rare and beautiful days when it's sunny but not humid, so a trip to the nearest eclectic outdoor market seemed like a perfect outing.

Tayla and I know a thing or two about the Somerville Flea, because we used to be vendors there and it was awesome! Perhaps the only drawback was being surrounded by so many gorgeous and interesting finds. This is why vintage vendors never get rich. The thrill of the hunt for diamonds in the rough is just too good. But stay tuned. . . we might be vending again at the flea market soon!

There's also something nostalgic about the flea. Whenever I see weird odds and ends like creepy baby dolls and old soda cans, I think of Artifaktori, the store that formed my education and appreciation for the misfit miscellany of the vintage world. I love that the Somerville Flea provides a place where weirdos like me can buy and sell things that won't appeal to everyone, things that are waiting for the right admirer.

I'm content just browsing everyone's booths, seeing how how they've set everything up and chatting with vendors. It's also wonderful that there's such variety. Where else can you buy fresh produce, listen to live music, thumb through records, find an amazing 50s novelty print dress, and bring your dog with you?

And there's jewelry--vintage and handmade, classic and contemporary, just lying there like shimmery temptresses.

Plus a fair share of vintage decor, housewares, and furniture for the domestic anachronism. 

Did I mention suitcases?! You may not know this about me but I love vintage suitcases. They're just the perfect, most aesthetically-appealing storage solution. If I hadn't bought a fat stack of records, I probably would have nabbed one of these. So gosh darn pretty!

Traipsing around a vintage market on a gorgeous day provided a perfect opportunity to don our new favorite vintage and vintage-inspired summery dresses. Of course we would manage to find completely different dresses with eerily similar feminine details. 

Mine was an Ebay find from Tatyana (formerly Bettie Page), a vintage-inspired sky blue wiggle dress with little embroidered stars on the collar and pockets and sweet white buttons down the front. 


I rarely wear anything fitted in the hips, but this number was too good to pass up.

I mean, c'mon, those details tho.

Plus this shade of blue happens to go with pretty much everything I own.

I was so pumped when I realized that this dress matched the needlepoint bird purse Tayla gave me for my birthday a few years back as well as my turquoise Iones. 

Sara's Purchases
While I've lucked out in the past in finding great vintage clothing at the flea, this haul was exclusively vinyl. I have a record player in my classroom and I love incorporating music in my lessons or just playing my favorite albums during downtime. I was super excited to find Strangeways Here We Come because that was the first Smiths album I ever heard and what sparked my love for them. 

Hello everyone, Tayla here! We found some real goodies this past Sunday at the Flea. As you can see we were beauties in blue, and everyone loved complimenting and telling us that we matched so well!

Our first stop was at a booth owned by Gina of Gina's Creations. In addition to having some great vintage pieces she also makes amazing bags that you can find on her etsy shop. I found this great striped 50's dress with red buttons, this dress had a few issues that Gina even fixed herself. It's the perfect cotton summer dress and will look amazing with the right accessories, like a pair of red bangles and white gloves that I picked up from her as well!

I spied these banners from another booth and I was in love. I absolutely loved these glass pennants from Holly Hutchinson Glasswork. She was a sweetheart to talk to and makes all of these herself. They would look amazing across any window!

Another awesome find were these sunglasses! They are just plain glasses with vintage clip on earrings on the side! We were crazy over this idea. So easy to replicate and you can make your own in any styles or colors you like.

This dress was quite a special find. I spotted it on Modern Millie's instagram account and knew I had to have it! Modern Millie has a store front in Salem, an etsy shop, and an instagram page! Sara and I love visiting this shop whenever possible, they even have a few of our own vintage pieces on consignment right now.

The detailing on this dress is what makes it so amazing. The color, the fabric (a rayon linen), and the buttons all pale in comparison to the bead work. The metal and plastic beading on the collar is fantastic! All of these factors make it one of my most beloved dresses to date.

This dress is a dead-stock piece, meaning it had never been worn and still had the original tags! It was originally $5, but marked down to $2.50 due to an irregularity! I certainly wish that's how much it was when I got it!

The beading continues on the pockets at the waist. I paired some peal bracelets and a vintage sparkly evening clutch to make this dress a little more glamorous.

More pearls! While I wanted to wear my Bait Footwear Ida's because they would have matched my dress perfectly, I had a fresh pedicure I needed to show off! I have these lovely Dacoata sandals from Unisa that coordinated with my pearl theme.

A gift from an old fellow vendor! A great thing about having a booth at the Somerville Flea was that some of the other vendors recognized us. I was admiring this awesome painted parasol and the vendor just gave it to me! He was such a sweetheart saying I needed it for my pale skin, turns out he was right!

Tayla's Purchases

In addition to the dress from Gina, I had two other purchases, one being this AMAZING print from Lady Luxe. This was hanging at her booth and I almost gasped. A gorgeous blonde in a glamorous gown? I was in love! My other purchase was a novelty print dress that is being cleaned as we speak! Stay tuned and I will wear it for another blog post! 

Sara's Outfit Details
Vintage Inspired Blue Dress (Bettie Page/Tatyana)
Shoes - B.A.I.T. Footwear Iones
Needlework Bag - Gift from Tayla, who found it from Luna Dust Vintage

Tayla's Outfit Details
Vintage Dress - Modern Millie 
Vintage Clutch - Savers
Sandals - Unisa Dacoata sandals from DSW