Monday, August 17, 2015

Sturbridge Antique Shops

This past weekend I was visiting a friend in western Mass, and while I didn't get to visit Old Sturbridge Village, I did get to pop in the Sturbridge Antique Shops!

Inside the first floor has a ton of collectibles as well as some furniture. This shop is divided up by a couple of different rooms as well as a downstairs.

I found a little accessory corner filled with hats, bags, buttons, and fabric! There was a ton of vintage fabric all over this shop, so if you're looking to sew, you may need to visit. I bought this pink hat. It was only $8 and completely matched my outfit, so I had to. . . right?

Major vintage rhinestone bling!

The downstairs of this shop had two spots for vintage clothing which I was ecstatic to find. There were lots of furs and jackets as well dresses and hats and accessories. I found a great dress and jacket set, keep scrolling to see!

Lookit that little owl! This booth was covered in adorable knick knacks.

Antique pink tufted couch? Yes please!

This shop is a bit more refined than most antique shops that I frequent. There are tons of glass displays with collectibles completely organized inside. If you are looking for a specific antique piece, it may just be lying in one of their many display cases.

But like any antique store, there's always a few quirky pieces mixed in with the valuables. This Nutty Mad Indian was quite a character.

I'm so glad I got to visit this shop before The New England Shake Up in a few weeks, as I'm sure this place will be filled with visitors looking for vintage goodies!

* * *

Outfit Details

Once in a very rare while, you can find an  80's-does-50's number that's almost better than the real thing, and this is one of those outfits!

This is a two piece set from Adele Simpson, and while this designer has been around since the 1940's, this is an 80's piece. After a trip to the seamstress to remove the big poofy sleeves and bring up the hemline, she now looks like 50's perfection!

Besides the gorgeous pink color combo, the perfect collar, and the buttons down the front of this top, my absolute favorite thing is the skirt. I love how the stripes come to a point in the front, almost chevron-like, and if you look at the back. . . .

It matches the top by going back to straight lines!

To match completely, I wore my pink Bait footwear Beatrice shoes. These T strapped peep toed heels are a perfect combination of vintage aesthetic with modern comfort, and they also come in lilac and yellow!

The best thing about this ensemble is that it's a two piece set. While it looks fabulous as a dress, I can't wait to break up the pieces and see what other outfit combinations I can come up with!

I must give a shout out to Salon Beau for this great hairstyle. While my color was a little lighter than usual, we decided to change up my curls for a softer look.

This hairstyle was inspired by one of Pin Up Doll Ashley Marie's YouTube videos. Instead of using my curlers we tried a faux pin curl method using a curling iron and I was very happy with the results!

My other purchase of the day was this black dress and jacket set. It fit me perfectly and the detailing on the jacket was simple but beautiful. The peplum and bow on the collar are my favorite, and for $23 it was such a steal! A great addition to my fall and winter wardrobe.

That's all for now! A little under a month from now will be the Brimfield Antique Show and while I haven't been in a few years, I am definitely due for a trip, as it's one of the greatest and largest antique shows around! If I do make it out, you best believe there will be a full review on the blog asap!

**Don't forget to visit Sara and I with our shop Silhouette Vintage this Sunday 8/23 at the Somerville Flea Market!**

Top and Skirt set by Adele Simpson - Savers 
Belt - Pinup Girl Clothing
Canvas Petticoat - Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes - Bait Footwear
Hair - Sean from Salon Beau

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer days, drifting away!

 Between the weekends that Sara and I have been setting up at the Somerville Flea, I finally got a chance to go to the beach!  My friends Joey and Sean joined me on a wonderfully warm sunny Sunday on a trip to Nahant Beach.

While I thought we would be early getting to the beach, turns out I was wrong! The entire parking lot was full. Fortunately for us, I work in Lynn just a mile down the road, and we parked and walked over. On the way to the beach we were stunned to find a beautiful boardwalk right on the water, with giant collages dedicated to the history of the city of Lynn!

Here are the boys are getting a closer look. The city of Lynn doesn't have the greatest reputation, but this boardwalk was a beautiful hidden gem. The detailing on these murals was wonderful, and gave us a different view of this industrial city.

Close up! Joey claimed I was the lovely lady in a white bikini and hat. Bikini, no. But big sun hat, obviously yes!

We also found this gorgeous gazebo on the path to the beach! 

I know many people love cover-ups for their bathing suits, but I never liked the idea of covering the amazing details in most swimsuit tops. My solution is to just use a skirt to make the bottom more modest. This one is an oldie from Forever21. Its a nice basic white skirt with a pretty embroidery fabric, and is semi sheer and light enough to be a very comfortable cover up alternative.

This beautiful view was the end of our journey, onto the beach!

This swimsuit is one of my best finds of the summer, purchased at the Somerville Flea for only 5 bucks! To find a vintage swimsuit in my size and so cheap is nothing short of a miracle! This suit was cheap for a reason, as it has some damage, but it's nothing that can't be helped with a good cleaning and some mending.

Working on my beach pinup poses! 
This is a vintage Lord and Taylor suit, and I am beyond in love the blue florals of the print. The sweetheart neckline, ruched sides, and flattering skirt are all reasons why this is one of my favorite swimsuits to date. And as you can see, I'm still very much in love with my giant beach hat that I mentioned in our Red, White, and Blue blog!

Another amazing thing about this suit is the nipped in waist. I now understand how woman of the 50's had such extreme hourglass figures on the beach without wearing corsets! They made them super tight, had boning in the busts, and like mine, many had a back middle zipper to mimic a corset style.

I had great day on the beach in my vintage suit, got a nice tan, and spent some much needed time with friends. Summer usually passes us by pretty fast, and I'm determined not to waste it! 

Don't forget to come see Sara and I at our Silhouette Vintage booth at The Somerville Flea next weekend! August 8th, 10-4.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Romp in Cactus Rouge

I know I've already professed my undying love for Trashy Diva but their summer collection has pushed me into full blown adoration bordering on blasphemy.

Getting dressed in the summer is a completely different beast for me. I'm free from nylons, cardigans, and boots, but it's always 80 degrees in my closet so I have little patience for anything that requires too much steaming or coordination. The only things I want to wear are cotton and rayon. 

A nice saturated color always wins me over as well. 

Enter Cactus Rouge, particularly the Hepburn Romper. That's right, I said romper. It's a polarizing item of clothing that illicits a lot of strong feelings--you either love them or you hate them, and if you hate them, it's probably because you fell victim to the dreaded romper wedgie.

This summertime wonder is a triumph when it comes to both cut and comfort. I love the way the bodice is fitted with a cross over bust, gathered sleeves, and a classic top stitched waist. It's pretty but still modest.

Then, from the waist down, it's comfy as hell with no threat of romper wedgie. The shorts are free and flowy, and with the most important design feature known to the modern woman: pockets! The Hepburn Romper is a hybrid in the sense that it unites femininity with functionality. Yes, I want to look pretty, but I also want to get shit done. Rosie the Riveter would've been all over this.

That's probably why I unconsciously chose to pair this ensemble with an easy updo and turquoise scarf, channeling my inner Rosie. There's no chance I'm blow drying my hair in this heat. So, the whole barrel roll, sponge bun, hair scarf is my go to when I just cant be bothered but still want a vintage look.

Another one of my favorite outfit options these days is my B.a.i.t. Idas. I have these in a few different colors now and they're the greatest. Cute, comfortable, and relatively inexpensive when you catch a Modcloth sale.

And having a white purse with a long strap has made getting ready a million times easier. I hate having to switch bags so I always try to find a nice white one to go with my summer frocks, but long straps are hard to come by on vintage bags, which is silly. In the 50s and 60s, women apparently didn't need both hands free to text and sip iced coffee. Welcome to vintage girl problems. Woe is me. Thankfully, I found this unicorn at Material Objects when I was vacationing in Maine. 

So, there you have it. The oft-misunderstood, frequently ill-fitting, enigmatic romper can live up to its potential if it's well constructed (Thanks, Candice!) and paired with accessories that complement its beauty. 

One such accessory is the ever-fashionable and wonderful Victor Prizzio

He was kind enough to do some documenting of this gem last week while romping around Boston (see what I did there?)

Because what's the point of wearing a garment that takes its name from the verb meaning "to play energetically" if you don't intend to just that? 

Outfit Details
Cactus Rouge Hepburn Romper - Trashy Diva
White Wicker Purse - Material Objects
Red Ida Shoes - B.a.i.t. 
Scarf, Sunglasses, and Earrings - Vintage

**Don't miss Tayla and I, aka Silhouette Vintage, at the Somerville Flea this summer. We'll be there next August 9th and 23rd.**

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Peachy Pink Perfect Wedding by Vintage Vixen

I was invited to a wedding! 
Meet my date, Miss Jacqueline Hegner. Jackie has been a best friend of mine for a long time. We often get asked if we are sisters, tho she already has a beautiful older sister whom she very much resembles! As it goes with long term friends, I feel pretty integrated into Jackie's family. 
On July 3rd, 2016, her cousin Jamie (who has infamous backyard BBQ's that I have been privy to), married his sweetheart, Melissa, and I was honored to attend!

The wedding was at Spinelli's in East Boston and was a beautiful intimate setting. I didn't even realize I got the bride in the background of this shot of their beautiful table!

Jamie and Melissa have been together for 25 years!  There were plenty of jokes referring to why it took them so long to finally get hitched, as you can see by their card box. They decided to go to Disney World for their honeymoon, and our table was even decorated with Mickey Mouse goodie bags as favors.

Here you can see the bridal party in all their glory. The groomsmen and bridesmaids were wearing gray and white, accented with pops of pink roses!

The beautiful cake! (It was delicious.)

Cake cutting!

And here we see members of the Hegner family in their natural habitat, doing the macarena on the dance floor with the other guests!

On to outfit details!

For this event I wore my most favorite vintage dress, ever! Let me assure you, that is saying a lot. I purchased this dress from Pursuing Andie on etsy, and Andie was a peach to buy from! If you'd like to see sneak peeks of vintage before they hit her shop, check out her instagram here. This dress also went thru quite a makeover since I got it. . . 

(image from Pursing Andie Etsy)

Once upon a time it looked like that! I know what your thinking, what is that mess of an uneven, mis-matched, pink ruffle at the bottom?! I said the same thing, which is why it had to go. This dress was definitely homemade, and needed many seams reinforced. My guess is that whoever made this realized too late that it was cut too short, and added the bottom piece last minute. Luckily for me, I saw the potential hiding without that silly ruffle. Once that was gone the skirt hit me right above the knee, which is perfect !

This dress fits me like an absolute dream, like it was made for me. It's a nice soft cotton which means that the sleeves wouldn't be too hot for a summer night. I accented with my signature pearl accessories, a flower in my hair, and made sure I had my hair curled as high as humanly possible.

I also really loved how my makeup turned out. Here I used shadows from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for my eyes, Too Faced Bulletproof Brows in universal taupe on my brows, Sephora Blush in fuchsia flushed on my cheeks, and a mix of both Mac Impassoned and Please Me on my lips.

I even matched my nails to this beautiful peachy pink print! This floral print is clearly the best thing about this dress. I'm not usually attracted to pink hues, as I feel they wash me out against my light hair and skin tone, but this print was too good to pass up on!

I wore my Pin Up Couture Bettie heels to complete this look. These have an adorable bow at the toe, a wrap around ankle strap, and are fairly comfortable for a 4 and 1/2in heel. These come in a few other colors, and are sold on Pinup Girl Clothing, but I found these on ebay for a little cheaper!

(Image from Jamie's Facebook)

Congratulations to Jamie and Melissa! Cheers to 25 more years, and thank you for having me as a guest on your special day!

Outfit details
50's Floral Dress - Pursing Andie Etsy
Shoes - Pinup Couture Bettie Heels
Makeup - Done by me
Hair - Done by Donna at Joyce's Salon in Everett